Single Zero Roulette - High Limit Course Coming Soon

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CEG is rolling out Single Zero Roulette (SR), as an exclusive offering.

Our newest instructor is a European SR dealer with more than 22 years High Limit SR experience and a current High Limit, top Tier Casino dealer. 

SR is still a mainstay of high limit pits at top tier Casinos in Las Vegas. If you are looking to make an impression, SR is the game to master. A few casinos have now made it a requirement to be considered for a full time High Limit shift. 

Single Zero Roulette is a bona-fide Mastery Course and requires a high degree of proficiency dealing double zero roulette. You must have at least 6 months experience and pass an internal audition to qualify as a student for this course. 

Class is limited to 5 new slots each month and is expected to take place every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday between 230 pm and 430 pm.  You get a total of 24 hours of direct instruction. 

When you register for an SR Class you are welcome to use the designated table to practice any time outside of class time for the entire month.

Graduates of this class will receive an official certification, attestation and reference to their proficiency in Single Zero Roulette (SR).  

More details will be incoming shortly. The course syllabus is being finalized and we are currently testing the course flow and fulfillment level.

Space will be limited to 5 students each month at first. If you are interested you must pre-register.