CEG & UEC USA for Customer Service and English

Casino Education Group (CEG) the premier casino training school is proud to announce a partnership with UEC USA, an internationally recognized leader in language and professional skills development.

Together, CEG and UEC have been hard at work collaborating on several exciting programs to improve the career opportunities of its students. 

In February CEG will be rolling out a suite of training products designed to meet growing industry demand for improved communication and customer service skills. 


A) CEG/UEC Casino Customer Service Component Certified 

A five-day integrated customer service course that will emphasize essential, customer service skills based on the best practices of time-tested service outcomes. CEG Trained Dealers will now receive an industry recognized customer service certification that will appeal directly to our casino employment partners.

CEG Graduates will not only be recognized as the best trained dealers but ALSO for their great customer service skills. Set yourself apart.

Superior customer service means being:
 friendly and courteous,
 timely and responsive,
 accurate and consistent,
 truthful and transparent,
 accessible and convenient.

B) CEG/UEC Comprehensive Customer Service Certification 

40 Hour course that will meet the service needs of the most discerning casinos. 

The Customer Service Workplace

Ability to connect with customers on a personal level:

 forming proper attitudes,
 creating strong first impressions,
 communicating well both verbally and non-verbally,
 understanding just what it is a customer needs and wants.

Customer Service Duties

Be able to:

 assess a situation,
 establish rapport,
 defuse anger,
 work with wide diversity of customer cultural backgrounds.

Customer Service Skill-sets

Discern customers needs and concerns:

 efficiently multitask,
 manage one’s time,
 network with other members on their service teams,
 know that customer service is a way of life.


C) UEC ESL Platform 

An English language training and development platform available 24/7 on mobile and desktop that offers more than  3000 exercises  to improve English fluency, general literacy and job opportunities. 

 study anytime, anywhere, on any device,
 experience real improvement,
 speak with confidence,
 control your future.


For more information about UEC USA you can visit the  UEC website