CEG Film Productions

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CEG Film Production Begins!!



CEG begins a new chapter in casino training and fulfillment with its own in-house film production crew.

Say Hello to Timmy, CEG's newest team member. Timmy is a successful Youtuber and Film Editor and now Media Manager for Casino Education Group. He will be directing all of our film activities and managing all of our video channels, media courses and all things video related.


Our film production is focused on a few categories;

1) the CEG YouTube Chanel will introduce CEG to the larger gaming community, prospective students and people across the world interested in gaming related topics. These videos will focus on table game training, casino careers and fun topics related to casino gaming. 

2) In-House videos  that will provide our campus students an additional learning resource. Each designated area of our school features a video monitor (or monitors) that students can watch to review various techniques and demonstrations that have been previously recorded.  

3) Program Training Videos. CEG is rolling out an entire suite of direct training video learning modules that compliment on-site coaching by our expert staff. CEG has remote training capabilities for all class 3 tables games to include SR, Poker and Midi Bacc. Any Casino, anywhere or send your staff to our campus in Vegas. 

4) Learn to Deal & Learn to Play Direct to You Videos. Stand-by for gaming education provided by the premier dealing school in Las Vegas and a staff with centuries of experience at the best casinos. 


Our videos will feature a complete cast of characters including our "pass the salad little Panda 6 pack" Alex, David "the printers favorite and old 1950 on the 6", "All About Customer Service Lisa" who still needs a hug, Rocky our expert hand model, "Can I see your ID please Reno" and many more.... 

(those of you at the school will get these, for the rest...tune in....)