In-House Casino Auditions

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What if you could train, practice and audition for your next casino job from the comfort of CEG's school? 

At CEG we now have 7 Casinos that audition and hire right out of school! No wasting gas, time or energy. 

Audition where you have trained and become comfortable. 

Here is a birds eye view of our last in-house job fair. Dapper dealers in their black and whites :)

CEG now has direct relationships with more than 25 casinos. Every other week we now host a Casino hiring event. 

In a few weeks CEG expects to host hiring events for 9 Casinos with a growing list. We now have career paths with every major casino operator in Nevada and some out of state. 

Our inclusion of a Customer Service Class and Certification has also been met with lots of support and will further help our graduates stand out.