CEG Expansion and School Upgrades!

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Unfinished, Raw Space. Before Carpet, Paint and Upgrades.

CEG Dealer School is expanding.

Thanks to YOU, CEG is expanding and moving down a few doors in the same shopping center.

Officially our new address will be 2605 South Decatur Suites 12B/12C. 

Its been 1 year since our last upgrade and we have cause to celebrate again. 

Here is a list of some exciting new upgrades to our school.


Table Game Upgrades

1) Adding a 2nd Poker Table

2) Adding a dedicated SR (Single Zero) Training Table

3) Total Table Games Supported from 14 to 18. 

4) Going Live with Visual Limits NRT Displays on Featured BJ Games. 


Student Experience Improvements

1) Adding 2 new instructors (From 12 to 14 total)

2) Adding a new office manager. (Yay Brooke)

3) Dedicated Front office Registration and Support Area 

4) Expanding Student Computer Workstation Area

5) New Student Badges (Free of charge)

6) New Student Check-In using ID # on Tablet (Save a Tree)

7) Online Student Registration Area that follows progress.

8) Online Payment Portal and Pre-registration


Job Placement

1) We have added 2 new casinos to our placement network. (Now 26 total)

2) 3 Casinos provide in-house auditions and direct placement

3) 5 Casinos offer in-house candidate reviews (head hunting)

4) Casino Quest on the strip will be working with CEG to hire dealers in August.