CEG Covid-19 UPdate May 23, 2020

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Foremost, We miss all of you! Our greatest wish is that everyone remains safe and healthy. 

CEG WILL BE BACK. We have a path forward for our school, students and instructors. 

However, we will not put anyone in jeopardy for monetary gain, ever. A dealer school requires hands on instruction. 

We applaud those people and businesses who are taking this seriously. 

We will ONLY reopen as a school when it is safe to do so, for our teachers, students and staff. 

Our future remains intact because we have managed to diversify our school to some degree which has also provided us a path forward. 

Alex and David have been hard at work building bridges with some big players. 

Vegas will be a different place for the foreseeable future. Until there is a vaccine or treatment, all businesses will have to adjust their model. For Casinos, this means less games, less dealers, less players etc. 

The good news is that CEG was very well positioned going into the shutdown and we have been working every day to secure relationships with our partners for the benefit of our dealers. 

We will also be reopening Casino Quest. Prior to the pandemic, we experienced accelerating customer growth that led to a 2nd round of hiring . Since its closure, we have expanded our fan base through all of our social media platforms and started a new live Twitch channel that has already driven plans to expand to full time gameplay featuring our own dealers. In all, we get more than 1 million views on our various platforms.

Due to the success of our social platforms we have been invited to produce a gaming show, host live game play on several casino floors and even been invited to participate with an exciting new gaming venture. All of which will require people and continue to raise our profile.

So here are a few facts to put this all into context. 

Sadly, many casinos had to lay off most of their staff. Despite only needing 25-30% of their dealers in the near future, they will still need a place to recruit, train and facilitate the re-hiring process. Many casinos will have kept staff on a contact loop, but others did not have this luxury and some will simply choose to take advantage of this situation to start from scratch, qualifying dealers based on personality and the ability to deal more than 2 or 3 games. 

Quite honestly, we believe the whole process of Casinos coming online and rebuilding will take some time. Eventually Vegas will return in a big way. This is a moment in time like any others. It is also a great opportunity for Vegas to build its brand and make even more inroads as a destination to escape, enjoy and imagine. 

Enter CEG and CEG students and graduates. 

Next week will be releasing a complete update for students current, past and future. But so far we offer the following;

  1. For now, we are extending all current student contracts to cover any months missed.
  2. All students in good standing will have access to CEG scheduled job fairs and will be able to visit the school to practice at scheduled times (based on availability of course given social distancing guidelines).
  3. We will have tables and time slots available for graduates who need to practice in advance of an external interview, regardless of when you graduated. You will need to create a reservation online. 
  4. We will have some very discounted special pricing for graduates who need to add new games.
  5. We will be offering special expedited courses in cooperation with designated casino partners (tba shortly).  
  6. Hand sanitizing stations will be located at both entrances and exits. 
  7. All students must wear a face mask when visiting the school
  8. Occupancy will be restricted in accordance with guidelines.