Las Vegas updates for Casino Dealers

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Hello and Welcome Back CEG Students and Graduates. 

I wanted to take a minute to update everyone on our progress as a school and community. 

Given everything happening in the world, we recognize that there are lots of questions, anxiety and whole lot of OMG!

First, CEG takes everything very seriously.

Our school is cleaned every night and everyone is required to wear a mask.

We have also been hard at work behind the scenes creating new relationships and building on old ones for the benefit of our students. 

What we will not tell you is that everything is FINE. Clearly, walking out on the street in our masks we know that everything is not fine. 

We won't post ridiculous stories about how all our graduates are getting jobs right now, that is simply not true.  Well, luckily, we have dice and party pit jobs right now with many more to come. 

Is right now a good time to go to school? We think so. You may have a lot of free time right now to invest in a potential new career and learn a new skill. 

The costs are relatively low. 

Are we confident that Vegas will return. Absolutely. That's not just wishful thinking either. The appetite for all things Vegas is huge. 

 And things are still on the move. The Virgin train just got approved to raise a ton of cash. Resorts is still being finished. Circa is opening soon. The Raiders stadium is near complete. 

So in truth, all the powers that be remain very optimistic. We just need a cure, a treatment and some time to get ahead of all the negativity right now. 

OK, Here is what we know;

1) Most of the layoffs we have seen deal more with support roles in Casinos or venues that may not return for quite a while, like showrooms, restaurants, bars, clubs etc. 

2) Casinos floors remain busy on the weekends but have been slowing down during the week. 

3) As our covid cases climb and the news gets worse, more slowdowns are inevitable. 

4) Because of social distancing guidelines more tables are open and many dealers are working full time and in some cases being asked to work 12 hour shifts due to other dealers getting sick or having medical exceptions. 

5) While there is a need for more dealers at quite a few properties, Casinos are not willing to invest in the hiring process until there is clarity on whether we will shut down again or how impacted Vegas as a whole will remain the next few months. California, Colorado, Arizona and Utah are huge feeder markets. If things are not going well there, it will impact us. 

6) We expected a briefing from the Governor Friday July 26th. That was delayed. We have heard quite a bit of gossip and 2nd hand news about this. Based on all the feedback, we feel that the Governor is taking time to get some clarity himself as to how another shut down may impact us. There are LOTS of opinions on both side that make sense for staying open and closing, even in the face of mounting cases. It can't be an easy decision and many departments are part of that discussion. 

7) In the meantime, we are choosing to focus on the school, our community and its dealers. We are doing everything we can, working every single day to forge a path forward. 

Stay safe, wear a mask, focus on the positive, don't get hooked into all the negative stories, remember this is a moment in time that will eventually pass. Laugh at whatever you can, Hug whoever you can, and take care of each other. 

And for those of you at home, feel free to check out From there you will find links to our teaching videos, courses, youtube classes and the like. You will also find a lot of familiar faces, teachers and students who have been participating in our game play and tutorials.