School News and Policy Updates RE: Covid - 19

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We have a whole lot of updates to the school to share with everyone. 

First, we take everyone's safety very seriously. While we work hard to offer opportunity, we also want EVERY student to feel safe and productive. 

SO, we are taking many actionable steps to meet the highest standards possible of safety, learning AND access to the school and jobs. 

We know this is a difficult time for everyone and we are doing our best to make it all work. Please know that we truly thank everyone for their patience and understanding. 


General School Updates

1) New Hours are 10am to 7pm Monday Through Friday. We also have PRACTICE ONLY sessions available Saturday Noon to 5pm. 

2) We are going full board with at least 6 active instructors, 2 backup instructor and 2-3 coaches so that we always have at least 1 instructor in each table game proficiency.  Our lead instructor has 42 years of experience. We have an instructor from Aria, the Wynn, 2 from Cosmo, 1 from Harrah's and another with 30 years. 

       **** With more active instructors and limited training sessions we will provide a much higher level of training and more regular contact with each student. 

3) We are limiting the number of new students slots, and will cap this each month. We will not be accepting any more "practice only" students.  This does not apply to students who are directly referred from one of our casino partners. 

4) PLEASE CALL ahead to set up an appointment if you wish to tour the school or consider attending CEG Dealer School




General Policies

1) We will be doing temperature checks at the door. You must pass the temperature check to access the training floor. 

2) There is hand sanitizer at the entrance and exit of the school. There is also a wall pump and sanitizer station at the entrance and exit (in place for the last 2 years).

3) All students are required to wear their masks over the nose. 

4) All students must bring their own drink with a cap. Only small packaged snacks can be consumed while training. 

5) There will be no more than 3 students per training station/table. 

6) All table seats and training stations will be assigned. Each student will be asked to remain at the same table and utilize the same seat for their training sessions.

7) Students no longer need to sign-in and instead will report to the front desk admin and be checked off an attendance list. 




8) Every student must choose to attend either the Morning Session from 10am to 2pm or  the Afternoon Session from 3pm to 7pm. 

9) Monday - Friday, the doors will open at 10 AM for the Morning Session. All Morning sessions students must exit by 2:00pm. 

10) Monday - Friday, the door will open at 3 PM for the Afternoon Session. All Afternoon session students must exit by 7pm. 

11) From 2pm to 3pm daily the school will be sanitized before the afternoon session. 

12) Students can register to practice on Saturday from Noon to 5pm. There will be a limited number of slots. 

13) Some exceptions may be provided if there is enough space, otherwise session attendance will be reinforced.