Single Zero and Job Fairs

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CEG is in full swing. 

Casinos are hiring. 

In the next few weeks we have 3 scheduled job fairs at local casinos and quite a few active referrals.  Here are the highlights. 


Single Zero


Singe Zero aka European Roulette classes are every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm to 6pm. (Subject to change)

We have a 20 year SR Supervisor and Dealer. Quite a few top tier casinos are actively looking for SR dealers. 

SR Class is $500 to register. Class size is limited, yet flexible, lasting 5 to 6 weeks or as needed to meet proficiency requirements. We offer full certification in SR as licensed by Nevada Post Secondary Education.  You must already be proficient as a Roulette Dealer.  

Once you complete the class, you get up to 6 months to continue practice and utilize our SR table with other graduates. <<You can pre-register here.>> After you register, please visit the school to complete your enrollment. You can set a start date for any following Tuesday or Wednesday. The instructor may negotiate customized start times and days that better fit your class needs. 




JOB Fairs

 Quite a few casinos have reached out to us recently. There is huge demand for craps dealers especially, and other multi-game dealers. We will be announcing quite a few job fairs in the next few weeks. Every Tuesday afternoon, after 2pm we will have sign-in sheets (on the managers desk) profiling upcoming job fairs that will include dates and times. We will make announcements every Tuesday afternoon at 130pm to announce any news related to hiring.  

Most immediately we are looking for craps dealers interested in auditioning for the Strat. The next audition will be Tuesday the 28th. Please be sure to sign-up at the CEG's managers desk. 


If your casino is looking for dealers please have them reach out directly to CEG's Lead Admin at 702.884.8261.