Welcome to CEG Dealers School

Years ago I trained to be a casino dealer. My mother signed me up for blackjack and craps courses at a popular dealer school in Las Vegas. I ended up struggling in class because there were too many students and too few instructors. The students and I were left alone to figure it out for ourselves and we picked up each other’s bad habits. In the end, I got lucky with persistence, constant practice and experienced family members. Unfortunately, most of my classmates dropped out or ended up at dead-end casino jobs.

For years I dreamed about opening my own Casino Dealer School. I was convinced that the old, antiquated dealer schools had lost touch with the real needs of today's students and casinos. My vision included teachers from the best casinos using the best methods to train the best dealers that more Casinos would want to hire. 

In February of 2014, with every penny I could find or borrow, I managed to open CEG Casino Dealer School. That first year of living my dream was very tough. There were lots of sleepless nights and ramen noodles.

With zero money for marketing, I had to rely on the success of my dealer students and their word of mouth recommendations.  In June 2018, we outgrew our old location and expanded to our current campus on Decatur & Sahara. 

If you are in need of casino dealer training, I personally invite you to give me a call or come say hello. 

Our CEG Casino Education family removes the barriers to becoming a casino dealer. Our casino classes are very affordable. You will learn from a team of casino professionals from many backgrounds with different styles. When you are finally ready to get a casino job, CEG helps with job placement to a growing list of casinos that look to us for quality dealers. 

Our students are at many different stages in life. Some are starting out looking for their first career. Others are looking for a fresh start in a new field. And still others are looking for a fun career to fill the days. Any age, any skill, if you are motivated to becoming a casino dealer or just looking for a new casino gaming career, the Casino Education Group can help. 

Sincerely, Alex Kim