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CEG Dealer School offers Casino Mastery Training for experienced dealers looking to upgrade their skills. 

A lack of training and/or casino action can put your casino career on pause or simply erode your skills and confidence over time. 

CEG offers structured Mastery courses that will upgrade your ability to scale bets, manage all action, and improve your presence and "hands". 

The CEG Dice Master course is run by 2 veterans with nearly 50 years of combined experience working at the top of their game at some 15+ different properties. Feel free to ask our Dice Master Instructors to audition for you to see the next level and real value of this intensive course. 

CEG as a school is lucky to have 8 of its instructors with extensive experience dealing Craps.

Dice Master Course
CEG Dice Master Course has 6 Chapters with 24 Hours of intensive hands-on training and lectures with a final rating and certification.

The top rated "Best In Class" Dice Masters of each class are invited to a year end competition to crown THE Dice Master.  

Dice Master Topics Include;

Presses, Pays and Lays, Totals and Conversions, Mechanics Upgrade, Full Service and Stick Pro. 


Why become a Dice Master?

Craps is a difficult game to master under the best circumstances. It is hard to find a casino that will hire you just for Craps. When you break in it is common to be delegated to slower shifts and smaller bets. In the end you either do not get enough practice pushing cheques or your stuck dealing low end action which will not prepare you for that next level audition.  

What Dealers Say: The CEG Dice Master course is run by 2 veterans with nearly 50 years of combined experience working at the top of their game at some of the best Dice houses. Any of our Craps instructors would be happy to audition for you and demonstrate first hand just how much you can learn 

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