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Casino Table Games Salon / High Limit Training

CEG Dealer School offers experienced dealers a full suite of courses that are focused on the High Limit and Salon Pit. 

All CEG Instructors have at least 10 years of live dealing experience and significant exposure to High Limit Pits. Many of our instructors have decades of experience as dealers and supervisors. Our Instructor High Limit experience includes Caesars Palace, Cosmo, Wynn, Aria, Rio and many others. 

The CEG Salon Suite Training Course includes advanced personalized instruction in Blackjack, Roulette, Pai Gow Poker and Midi Bacc.

Fundamentally each Salon Game includes training in scaling bets, managing high limit cheques/banks. improving hand movements, adjusting game speed, upgrading game mechanics and floor interaction and managing a new type of player. 

Graduating from the CEG Salon Suite Training Course also makes you eligible for special job placement at our networked casinos who are looking for higher skilled candidates. 

Blackjack Salon: Approx 5 Hours of Personalized Instruction
Pai Gow Poker: Approx 5 Hours of Personalized Instruction
Roulette Salon: Approx 10 Hours of Personalized Instruction
Midi Baccarat: Approx 20 Hours of Personalized Instruction

Peer/Practice: Approx 20 Hours. 

Includes 6 Months Access to Campus to Practice.

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Why Learn Salon Games?

Why the Salon Suite aka High Limit Pit: For many Dealers, earning a spot in the High Limit Pit (Salon) is the validation of a long career. Being a High Limit dealer also means you probably work at a higher profile casino. Having the skills to pass a High Limit Audition will also get you to a better casino, faster! 

What Dealers Say: Yes you have to deal with some difficult players, but you also get to deal to higher profile, celebrity players that can make a shift very interesting. Better shifts, more breaks, less noise, better designed parlor rooms, these are the perks to having confidence and presence on a game. If you do not deal Craps, the next best path to the best casinos is being a High Limit Dealer. 

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