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Poker Dealer Training

CEG Poker Dealer Table

Learn To Deal Poker Or To Play Poker 2 Month Course 20 Hours / Week 160 Total Hours 21 Poker Versions Cash Games Tournament Play The Flops The Draws The Studs Get Certified!

Poker Class is in session.
1pm to 5pm Weekdays.

$1000 Late Entry Seat Available. 
Premium applied to required tutoring.

Learn to Deal Poker (or to play) at CEG from a world class Poker Dealer, Training and Manager with 20 years of experience. CEG Poker Classes provide instruction in all known casino poker games.  From Las Vegas to California Poker Rooms and even the World Series of Poker, CEG Poker graduates can confidently pass any audition. 

Currently Classes are limited to 10 New Students.Be sure to contact or visit CEG to reserve your seat. 

Learning to Deal Poker is also a great course for enthusiasts who want to reach a new level of understanding and immersion, especially with Jay as your guide.

CEG waited until finding the perfect Poker Trainer with the right experience, personality and passion for poker. 

CEG Poker Instructor J Garcia has been a poker dealer, instructor and manager for 20 years. Jay is an enthusiastic golfer, poker player and happily engaged to his fiance who is also in the gaming business. 

Payment Plans & Job Placement Assistance

  • Classes Monday through Friday from 1pm to 5pm.
  • 20 Class Hours Per week
  • 8 weeks of Learning Poker 
  • 160 hours of Poker Training
  • Learn 21 Poker Variations
  • Learn ALL played Stud, Flop, Draw Games
  • Learn Poker Cash Games
  • Learn Poker Tournament Games

For More Information

Contact CEG at 702.373.0860 or use our contact form