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3100 West Sahara Suite 101
Las Vegas, NV 89102

1 miles west of the Strip

Just West of Palace Station
On the North Side of the street
Between Rancho and Valley View
Just past Denny’s going West


Office Phone 

Monday – Thursday 11am to 6pm
Friday 11am to 5pm
Saturdays Noon to 5pm ( as of 6/15/24)


The School

Where are we located?

CEG Dealer School is located at 3100 West Sahara Suites 101 through 106. 

We are in central area of the Las Vegas valley 1 mile west of the strip and less than 4 miles from Downtown Las Vegas. We are less than a half mile from Palace Station. 

From the I-15 HWY Exit on West Sahara and head west for approximately a half mile. We are on the right side heading West (North side of the street) just past Denny’s. 

You will pass Palace Station on your left. (we are 1 light away, about a 10 minute walk from the Palace Station Hotel valet exit)

Sahara and Richfield Blvd. is our exact intersection. 

 Our mailing address is 

CEG Dealer School, 3100 West Sahara Suite 101, Las Vegas, NV 89102

When are we open?

Monday through Thursday 11am to 6pm, Friday 11am to 5pm*

*subject to change

We are closed most National Holidays and Nevada Day.
Holiday breaks include Thanksgiving Week and the last 2 weeks of the year until the first business day after the New Year. 


What is the school's background?

CEG Dealer School was founded in 2013 in a small 600 square foot space in Henderson working with just a handful of students each month.

Three expansions later, CEG now occupies 3400 square feet and serves from 30 to 100 students each month.

We have now graduated and found jobs for thousands of students. 

In 2018 we started a YouTube channel to provide instruction and share our experiences . That channel, at youtube.com/cegdealerschool now has over 100k subscribers .

Will I get a Certificate? Are you Accredited?

CEG Dealer School is licensed by the Nevada Comission on Post Secondary Education as a Trade School.

The Nevada CPE has certified our school to offer Certification in Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Single Zero Roulette, Poker, Pai Gow Poker and other specialty games. 

We are fully licensed by all state and federal agencies.  

What games do you offer? Do you have quality equipment?

CEG offers all Casino Table Games to include Blackjack, Baccarat Mini, Baccarat Midi, Roulette, Craps, Single Zero Roulette, Pai Gow Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold, 3 Card Flush and other carnival games.  

CEG offers approximately 26+ professional, full sized casino tables that were once used live on a casino floor. Our table total will change based on the make up of our students. 

Our school is designed to resemble a working casino pit to maximize your experience. 

All of our tables were actually used at casinos throughout Las Vegas. Each table is full sized and professional grade. We only use new, unused table felts or layouts as provided by our various casino partners. 

Baccarat: We have 2 full sized sit down Midi Baccarat tables. On these Baccarat tables you can learn Mini, EZ and Midi Baccarat, all of which are important and prepare you to deal high limit action straight out of school. 

Roulette: CEG offers 3 full-sized Roulette tables. One is dedicated to our Single Zero Roulette Class. 

Blackjack: You will find 10-12 Blackjack Tables with a variety of side bets. 

Craps: CEG is proud to have 2 full-sized 12-foot craps tables and a 3rd sit-down beginners table, often referred to us as our “probie” table.

Pai Gow and other specialty games: We will have from 1 to 2 tables reserved for “carnival” or specialty games to include Pai Gow, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, 3 Card, War, etc. We have a variety of layouts covering all the most popular games. 

Poker: We have a professional Poker Table provided by a strip casino. The box/dealer chair is a pneumatic, fully configurable, tilt and lock with lumbar support. Our user chairs are high end swivels with full elevation, lumbar support and deep leather covers. Poker Cards are full PET (Plastic), KOPAG and WSOP.  Our Poker class is certified and qualified by WSOP, Caesars and Boyd properties. 

Single Zero Roulette: CEG offers SR, often referred to as European Roulette. Our SR instructor is a 25+ year SR dealer and supervisor at one of the top Vegas casinos.

Who are your instructors?

Alex Kim is the schools Founder. He started his gaming career in 2008.

Lauren Goldberg is our General Manager. She started her gaming career in 1993 and has been with CEG since 2016.  Lauren is also a current high limit dealer at the Cosmopolitan. 

Becky Corbitt is our Lead Instructor and started her gaming career in 1972. She has been with CEG since 2018. Becky is a full time instructor at the school. 

David Noll is our School Director and Lead Craps Instructor. He started his gaming career in 1991. He has been with  CEG since 2017.

The Process

What if I am interested in the school?

Collect all your questions and email us at info@cegdealerschool.com or call at 702.439.8836.  Even better, come by the school for a tour! 

You can also visit our youtube.com/cegdealerschool channel for LOTS of information about the school and our classes. 

The best time to visit the school is between noon and about 3pm, when we have extra staff. 

If you’re a fan of the CEG channel and not planning on becoming a student, we ask that you please contact us at info@mycasinoquest.com or submit your requests through the CasinoQuest.biz website. 


How do I sign up?

The fastest and easiest way is to visit our Buy Courses page, buy the course or package you want, then come into the school to finish your registration. Do not worry if you make a mistake or choose the wrong courses, we can always fix that when you arrive at the school. 

Or you can head over to the school and sign up in person. 

Either way, your enrollment doesn’t begin until you set the date. You can pay and take advantage of any early specials and set your start date any time in the future. 


What do I need to register?

All we need is an ID and form of payment. 

You will need to be 18 or over to start our classes.

Your resident status only matters if you’re trying to get a job in the US. We do not have access to special visas. However, we have many people who visit from outside the country to learn at CEG. 


The Training

Why courses should I take?

If you’re not already a Casino Dealer, we start every one with Blackjack. Every Casino we work with requires that you can deal Blackjack at a minimum. Our Blackjack course includes knowledge and skills of casino game mechanics and controls that apply to all other casino games.

The bottom line is the more games you know, the more job opportunities you will have.

Baccarat is a required course for most strip properties, and there is a serious shortage of Craps dealers almost everywhere. 

Ultimately, we tell potential students to do what makes them most comfortable. We are happy to give you all the honest information you need to make the best decisions for YOU. No sales, no pressure. Empower yourself with the facts. All we can do is provide the best environment, tools and support for you to become a great dealer. The rest is on you.

When do classes start?

Classes start when you arrive! CEG provides a very flexible environment. We have teachers who provide direct instruction in “Chapters”.

We use Tablets and checklists to follow your progress. At CEG, it’s not about hours, it’s about progress.

There are always teachers on the floor to give you a few things to practice, perfect and advance your knowledge and skills. Eventually you start simulating a dealer and putting it all together. Our teachers continue to interact with you for as long as your on the instruction floor. They are there to coach, correct and congratulate.

When your ready, you ask for an audition. The first audition is typically to see what you’re missing and to fine tune anything left. Then, when you’re finally ready, you take that last audition to pass and be certified.

When you are ready to start, just come in, register and pick a day and time you would like to begin. It can be right after we are finished with your paperwork.

We will give you a tour and introduce you to an Instructor who will get you started on Chapter 1.

How do classes work?

On your first day, you will connect with an instructor who will teach you Chapter 1. After that class you will be given things to practice and perfect. When you are ready, an Instructor will re-connect with you and teach you Chapter 2.

Eventually you will become proficient enough to start a dealing rotation with other advanced students. All the while, our instructors walk the floor and monitor your progress. 

There are a few exceptions like Craps, Poker and Single Zero which are more structured. When you are ready to take these courses, check the times and dates of the next class.

How many hours do I need to attend?

That’s really up to you. We have students who can only spare an hour a few times a week. 

Keep in mind, the more hours, the faster you can graduate and get a job, but we are happy to work with your schedule.

On the whole we recommend about 20 hours a week. 

How quickly can I finish a course?

The average person who attends the school 2-3 hours a day for 4 days a week can complete a regular course in approximately one month. The one exception is Craps which takes a minimum of 2-4 months.

Everyone is different, has different priorities and different ways of processing new information. 

We have seen people complete courses in 2 weeks and be working within 4 to 6 weeks. 

Other FAQ’s

Does CEG help with job placement?

Yes. We work with more than 100 casinos throughout the Las Vegas valley and across the world.

If you do not have anything preventing you from getting a Casino job, we can get you an audition and/or an interview. 

CEG is your Uncle in the business. We get you the introductions because we graduate great dealers with positive attitudes. 

How much can I make as a dealer?

A starting dealer will make from $17 to $20 an hour, including tips. The more games, the more options and the easier it is to get you a higher starting wage that includes tips. 

After you spend time breaking in at your first casino, your second job should put you in the $20+ an hour range. 

Mid-level casino dealers easily make $25 to $30 an hour, while top tier Dealers can make more than $80K a year with some jobs surpassing $100k. 

Can I work part-time?

Absolutely. More than likely you will start part-time. We do have some casinos that offer full time shifts after your probation, but these typically require you know 3 games with Craps. 

Is age an Issue?

NO NO and NO. This is a frequent concern. We have students who start training at 20 and some who are in their 70s or even older. 

In general casinos have no real preference in terms of age.

There are certain properties who hire “model dealers” for certain types of interactive or party pits. These dealers must meet specific criteria in terms of dress, gender, age or talent. In total, these dealers represent a very small segment of the dealer population and those we train or place.

If you’re young, this question is probably not on your list.

For our older viewers, it’s time to rejoice. You have traded good skin and knees for the perception of being more reliable and centered. Way to go!!

Yep, age is not an issue. Come on down and see us. 

For more information email info@cegdealerschool.com or call 702.439.8836