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Single Zero Roulette

Level up your Roulette Skills while you level up your career. SR dealers are in high-demand at the best casinos on the Strip. Our SR class is state certified and includes a certificate on graduation. 


Single Zero Classes

Monday and Tuesday 1pm to 4pm

Daniel Kiernan

Instructor Daniel Kiernan

Daniel has been dealing and supervising Single Zero Roulette for more than 25 years. More so, nearly all of his experience has been at one of the most celebrated casinos in Vegas.


Single Zero Roulette offers a unique challenge that requires someone who has presence and motivation. Daniel has had remarkable success building, refining and graduating qualified SR dealers. 


Single Zero Roulette Class Specifics

1. The Single Zero Roulette Class is restricted to dealers with live experience on Roulette.
2. Single Zero Roulette Class is kept small to maximize the ability of students to learn and engage.
3. On average it takes 8 classes at 3 hours each, a total of 24 hours to complete this course. Unlike most of our other courses. SR is a structured course with very specific curriculum.
4. Practice sessions beyond those provided by the course must be approved and scheduled by the SR Instructor.
5. You must pass a final audition to be officially certified as an SR Dealer.

Single Zero Mastery Course Overview

Single Zero Roulette or European Roulette in Vegas is a high limit game, typically offered by luxury casino properties that appeal to VIP players and especially Europeans who are more familiar with it.
More and more top tier casinos are looking to recruit or promote Single Zero dealers. 
CEG Dealer School is licensed by the State of Nevada Post Secondary Commission to teach and certify Single Zero Roulette dealers.