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Table Game Instructors

Our Instructors are real people with real long professional casino careers at some of the best casinos in North America. Every CEG instructor has at least 10 years of live professional casino dealing experience. Our Master Instructors have more than 20 years. 

Perhaps, more importantly, they are skilled teachers who love to teach. 

Only CEG Dealer School has instructors who are current high limit dealers at The Cosmopolitan and Caesars Palace. 

Why does CEG have such good instructors? 1) We pay a living wage, 2) our instructors have a real passion for gaming, and 3) we are a family.


More Professional FULL SIZED Casino Table Games

At CEG we offer you more professional full sized casino table games that are configured as they are in a real casino pit. 

  • 2 FULL SIZED Professional Roulette Tables and WHEELS with Left and Right Spins
  • 13 FULL SIZED Professional Blackjack Tables with various layouts and pitch or shoe.
  • 2 FULL SIZED Professional Baccarat Tables - AND Both are MIDI!
  • 2 Full Size 14' Professional Craps Tables 
  • 1 Seated Dice Practice Table
  • 1 FULL SIZED Professional Pai Gow Tables
  • 1 Specialty Games Table as Needed
  • 2 Professional POKER TABLES!


Job Placement Partners

CEG works with more than 50 Casino properties to place its graduates. Casinos build relationships with casino schools that can produce professional casino students who are skilled, reliable and of good character.  

Our level of casino training and grooming produces students who not only pass casino auditions and find placement, but also meet and far exceed Casino probation periods. This saves our casino employment partners literally thousands of dollars in lost recruitment efforts and training. 

Casinos that want to optimize their recruitment efforts and reduce dealer turnover seek out CEG casino graduates.  A growing list of Casino recruiters and managers visit CEG Dealer School to find and audition new employees at our campus.

CEG has over 100 direct casino contacts with the following titles; Casino Recruiter, Casino Shift Bosses, Director of Casino Table Games and Vice President of Table Game.Operations. 

CEG also has direct relations with Casino operators in Mesquite Nevada, Laughlin Nevada, Florida, New York & Illinois.

CEG is the exclusive Strategic Training Partner to 7 Las Vegas casinos.  

Ethical Standards

At CEG, we pride ourselves on conducting our business with honesty and integrity. We are happy to compete fairly and provide our best service to earn your business. 

Ethics means something to us. At CEG, we honor ourselves by honoring our students and remaining vigilant in our goal to improve every student's life. 

All of our reviews are 100% genuine. We never ask for, invent, require or otherwise fake ANY reviews anywhere. 

CEG never makes claims about its school or its students that are anything but true and accurate. All of our social media posts are original, honest and timely.  

We rely on our own independent thought and ideas without resorting to copying or otherwise appropriating a competitors content or innovation. 

Bonus Reasons Why

  • Flexible class times. Open M-Fri 10am to 7pm. and Sat 12pm to 5pm. 
  • We are Diversity advocates. Our school has a NO TOLERANCE policy to anything that takes away from happy and productive students.
  • Competitive pricing that is fair, provides real value and allows us to pay a living wage.
  • CEG uses individualized and adaptive training techniques to fit your specific learning needs.
  • The A.R.T. of Dealing (Audition Ready Training) applies emphasis on procedure and proper technique at all times with our “Supervisors” keeping you on your game while our peer groups play live.
  • Learn techniques and etiquette for local AND strip properties giving you more job flexibility and empowerment.
  • Learn from Actual Instructors who are available every hour we are open. We DO NOT sit you across from another student and expect you to "work it out".
  • CEG focuses on the TRUTH. We take pride in producing the best casino dealers. We will honestly assess your skills and work with you until you are ready to audition successfully. We DO NOT push out dealers before their time. 
  • CEG sets realistic expectations and does not market falsehoods or make promises it can't keep.  We are your "Uncle" in the business. We don't take advantage of your lack of knowledge. 
  • CEG Instructors are all real and current with verifiable resumes. ANY CEG Instructor will happily audition for any student to demonstrate our skill and passion. 
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