CEG Dealer School

CEG Dealer School Frequently Asked Questions

Common School Questions

  • What Hours is CEG Open?

    CEG is Open Monday through Friday 10am to 7pm. Saturday 12pm to 5pm.

  • When do classes start?

    Classes start when you arrive! CEG provides a very flexible environment. We have teachers who provide direct instruction in "Chapters".

    When you are ready to start just come in, register and pick a day and time you would like to begin. It can be right after we are finished with your paperwork. 

    We will give you a tour and introduce you to an Instructor who will get you started on Chapter 1. 

  • Where is CEG Located?

    CEG Dealer School is located on the South West Corner of Sahara and Decatur. We are approximately 2 miles west of the strip. 

    2605 South Decatur Blvd. Suite 112B, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

  • What courses should I take?

    If your not already a Casino Dealer, we start every one with Blackjack. Every Casino we work with requires that you can deal Blackjack at a minimum. Our Blackjack course includes knowledge and skills of casino game mechanics and controls that apply to all other casino games.

    After Blackjack the most popular 2nd game is Roulette, followed by Baccarat and ultimately Craps. 

    The bottom line is the more games you know the more job opportunities you will have at first and the more potential to advance. Baccarat is a required course for most strip properties and there is a serious shortage of Craps dealers almost everywhere. 

    Ultimately we tell potential students to do what makes them most comfortable. We are happy to give you all the honest information you need to make the best decisions for YOU. No sales, no pressure. Empower yourself with the facts. All we can do is provide the best environment, tools and support for you to become a great dealer. The rest is on you.


  • How do CEG classes work?

    On your first day, you will connect with an Instructor who will teach you Chapter 1. After that class you will be given things to practice and perfect. When you are ready, an Instructor will re-connect with you and teach you Chapter 2. 

    Eventually you will become proficient enough to start a dealing rotation with other advanced students. All the while our Instructors walk the floor and monitor your progress. 

    The one exception is Craps which is more structured. When you are ready to learn Craps check the times of the next class which will vary based on the number of new students each day and week. 

  • How many hours a day must I attend classes?

    That's really up to you. We have students who can only spare an hour a few times a week. 

    Keep in mind, the more hours, the faster you can graduate and get a job, but we are happy to work with your schedule.

  • How quickly can I finish a course?

    The average person who attends the school 2-3 hours a day for 4 days a week can complete a regular course in approximately one month. The one exception is Craps which takes a minimum of 2-4 months. 

    Everyone is different, has different priorities, different ways of processing new information. 

  • How do you know when I am ready?

    At CEG we monitor your progress with regular Instructor updates and a series of soft auditions or performance tests. Each audition lets us know if there are things you need to improve or if in fact you are ready for a final review. 

  • How do I graduate?

    Once you pass a final audition that we believe could earn you an actual job, we sign the certificate. 

  • How many ACTUAL Instructors work at CEG?

    We have 11 Instructors registered with the State of Nevada. 10 of those are actively involved with the school. At peak hours we have up to 7 Instructors on the floor, many of whom have at least 20 years of dealing experience and all from the biggest names in gaming. 

  • How fast can I get a job?

    From start to finish we have been able to place students in a job in as little as a month. 

    If you need a job quickly, we can work with you. However, the fewer games you know the less job options you will have. 

    In the Casino business the more games you know, the more valuable you are and the more marketable you are. The better you are as a dealer the better your chances of advancing to a better casino.  

  • Does CEG help with Job Placement?

    Yes. We work with more than 20 casino's throughout the Las Vegas valley and more across the country and even overseas.

    If you do not have anything preventing you from getting a Casino job we can get you an audition and or an interview. 

    CEG is your Uncle in the business. We get you the introductions because we graduate great dealers with positive attitudes. 

Casino Career Questions

  • How much do casino dealers make?

    A starting dealer will make from $14 to $17 an hour including tips. The more games, the more options and the easier it is to get you a higher starting wage that includes tips. 

    After you spend time breaking in at your first casino your 2nd job should put you in the $20 an hour range. 

    Mid level casino dealers easily make $25 to $30 an hour, while top tier Dealers can make more than $80K a year with some jobs surpassing $100k. 

  • Can I start on the strip?

    Yes. There are some strip properties who hire new dealers, but they almost always want you to know more than 1 game and usually 3 or more. 

  • What do you consider "The Strip"?

    We include everything from the Stratosphere to the Luxor and Mandalay Bay. Yes, the Stratosphere doesn't get much love in this classification but we are happy to include them.  

    We do not consider the El Cortez or Jerrys Nugget to be strip properties despite them technically sharing a side of the building with Las Vegas Blvd.  We do not send our dealers to either of these casinos. 

  • Can I get a job at the Aria or Wynn in 2 weeks?

    No. We have a Director with parents highly placed at the Wynn and Caesars Palace and it took years. Unless you literally own the place, you will not be starting as a break in at a high end casino or anywhere center strip. 

    The underlining reasons have more to do with the level of action that these casinos see and the pure fact that it can take years to acquire the skill set and knowledge to deal higher limits with any confidence. 

    If someone suggests they can get you center strip right out of dealer school, they are simply not being honest. 

    The one caveat to this was party pit dealers who deal blackjack on a limited basis. These are called Model Dealers and work differently than a normal casino career. Cosmo recently ended their party pit and several of their Model Dealers enrolled at CEG because they were unable to pass auditions at new jobs or wanted to learn more games so they could remain actual dealers. 

  • Can I work part time?

    Absolutely. More than likely you will start part-time. We do have some casinos that offer full time shifts after your probation but these typically require you know 3 games with Craps. 

  • Is Age an issue?

    NO NO and NO. This is a frequent concern. We have students who start training at 20 and some who are in their 70's or even older. 

    In general casinos have no real preference in terms of age.

    There are certain properties who hire "model dealers" for certain types of interactive or party pits. These dealers must meet specific criteria in terms of dress, gender, age or talent. In total these dealers represent a very small segment of the dealer population and those we train or place.

    If your young this question is probably not on your list.

    For our older viewers, its time to rejoice. You have traded good skin and knees for the perception of being more reliable and centered. Way to go!!

    Yep, age is not an issue. Come on down and see us. 

More FAQ's To Come....